Tirthan Valley

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Tirthan is one of the immaculate treasures of Himachal Pradesh, which is relatively unaffected by commercialization. Regarded as an offbeat destination in the Himachal, the valley has something peaceful or adventurous for every visitor.

While not fully unknown, the Tirthan valley (luckily) still gets fewer tourists than more popular destinations of Manali and Kasol. Nestled placidly in the lap of the world-famous Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP) full of flowers, streams, trees, and wildlife, the valley demands some effort for exploration.

For nature lovers, there is nothing as relaxing as losing in the tranquility while exploring the cloud-kissed Himalayas, gorgeous alpine meadows, and charming coniferous forests. The best way to experience them is on foot. Several trails start from the Gushaini village, a recommended place to stay in Tirthan.

If you can go some miles uphill, you get to unveil the best views of natural gems such as waterfalls. A short hike from the Rolla hamlet will take you to an almost concealed but gorgeous waterfall.

Wish to hike more to see something truly rare? With a permit from the Forest Department, take up the stroll to Khorli Pohi, the abode of the rare but stunning Monal bird.

If you cannot trek much, consider at least the 6-km hike from the famous Jalori pass to reach the breathtaking Serolsar lake. Nestled amidst rock and ice, the lake’s shimmering waters clearly reflect the blue sky and the green pine forest.

No matter what you do, you will feel right in the lap of Mother Nature!


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