Kumbh Mela

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Kumbh Mela marks the world’s largest euphoric religious congregation of Hindus held four times in 12 years at four historic locations on the banks of sacred rivers namely, Prayagraj (at the meeting point of the Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati), Haridwar (Ganga), Ujjain (Shipra), and Nasik (Godavari).

One of these locations is selected as per the unique astrological positions of the Jupiter, the Sun, and the Moon. The celebrations begin when these positions are occupied to mark the holiest time according to Hinduism.

That dates and location differ but the main attractions remain the same namely, a holy bath in the sacred river, sacred Aartis on the river banks along with prayers and hymns by the priests, discourses, by saints, fairs, mass feeding of poor and monks mahaprasad (holy food), and the Naga sadhus (naked saints).

Amidst the sporadic chanting of mantras, the heartful dance of the Aghoris, and the diyas that lit the holy ghats, you simply get pushed with the flow. Herds of sadhus (saints) and devotees pack the holy pavilions to experience the world’s massive celebration of faith.

For visitors and sadhus alike, Kumbh Mela is the most auspicious time to bathe in the sacred river to progress towards salvation. Apart from the Naga sadhus, you get to see Urdhawavahurs who tolerate extreme austerities and the Kalpwasis who bathe thrice a day.

Apart from the sadhus, other draws of this big event are the ceremonies such as the traditional procession of Akharas on chariots and horses and shining swords during Shahi Snaan.


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