Jhalna Leopard Safari

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Jaipur is known for its diverse wildlife, including exotic species of animals and birds. So, if you are in the pink city, you should try exploring its green side via the Jhalana Wildlife Safari. Nestled in the foothills of Aravallis and near Jaipur airport, Jhalana Safari Park is famous for birdwatching but it is also getting admired for sighting Indian leopards.

Spanned across 23 sq. km., the Jhalana Leopard Safari Park is the abode of around 35 leopards. Of these, around seven have their home in the park’s tourism area. The elusive and shy cat is the top predator here. It does not need to compete much for survival due to which they remain confident. Thus, visitors get frequent sightings, almost within five minutes of entering the park.

As the name indicates, Jhalana provides an opportunity for a thrilling gypsy safari that is an ideal way to sight the park’s wildlife. So, you take an open-air gypsy ride along with a guide to spot leopards. On the way, you can also easily see blue bulls, peacocks, wild boars, Indian mongoose, hanuman langur, spotted deer, sambhar deer, rhesus macaque, striped hyena, desert gerbils, porcupine, hedgehog, and desert fox. All of them are seen in their natural environment, which is a bonus for wildlife lovers.

The erstwhile reserve forest around Jaipur is also the site of several migratory and residential birds. The safari in this wildlife area takes around three hours, which means you get enough time to spot and click with cameras.


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